When considering whether to rent a vehicle on a daily or weekly basis, or to lease a vehicle for a short or long term period, the following factors may help you arrive at the most cost effective decision:

 Short Term Leasing
 Long Term Leasing

Short Term Leasing

  • Period of Duration - 1 - 11 months (monthly)
  • Most competitive rates.
  • Minimum period is one month and payment must be made in advance.
  • Short term lease contracts cannot be backdated to the start of an original rental contract.
  • If a vehicle lease is terminated within the first month, then weekly and daily charges are applicable.
  • If the lease vehicle is returned after the first month, then the charges will be calculated on a pro-rata basis.
  • Lease Vehicle will be from the Existing Avis fleet depending on availability.
  • If you have any difficulty in determining your needs and deciding on the best option for your requirements, our professional staff will be only too pleased to be of assistance.

Long Term Leasing

When comparing our low monthly lease rates with the cost of running your own vehicle, we strongly recommend that you consider the following benefits of an Avis lease.

Fact Benefit
Fixed monthly cost throughout the lease period with no additional costs for maintenance, servicing or repairs. Simple to budget with the assurance of no unforeseen costs.
Provision of replacement vehicle at no extra cost when the lease vehicle is undergoing servicing or repairs. Year round mobility.
No capital outlay, and no interest charges for funding. Eases the strain on cashflow and banking facilities.
No problem with insurance claims, vehicle testing, or registration. Saves time-consuming and problematic administration.
No financial losses or difficulties when the vehicle is sold. No risk involved.

Nothing could be more simple than commencing an Avis lease - as soon as you have advised us of your vehicle preference and specifications we will order, register, insure, and deliver the vehicle to you. If required we can start the lease with a temporary vehicle until your new vehicle arrives.

Please note that the minimum period for an Avis lease on a new vehicle of your specification is one year.

Avis' long term leasing plan has been developed to cater to the demands of both individuals and corporate clientele enabling customers to choose the very best option for the vehicle of their choice. Distinct advantages include:

  • Brand new vehicles - depending on dealer's availability
  • Fixed monthly expenditure
  • Free registration and insurance
  • Free maintenance and replacement vehicles
  • No finance costs and no hidden costs
  • Buyback option after lease term
  • Most competitive rates.
  • If the lease vehicle is returned before the agreed expiry of the lease agreement then 2 month rental charges will be applicable as a penalty.

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